The Ultimate Vision System for Backlit Components: Light, Color, and Defect Detection in One

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Vision Spectra Conference - Ultimate Vision System for Symbols

Join Radiant as we kick off the Vision Spectra Conference with the first presentation introducing a new solution for visual inspection of illuminated shapes, icons, and text.

The Ultimate Vision System for Backlit Components: Light, Color, and Defect Detection in One
Matt Scholz & Chris Williamson, Radiant Vision Systems
Tuesday, July 19, 2022 - 7:30 AM ET (1:30 PM CEST)
Available on-demand following the broadcast.

From automotive panels and avionics to LED-illuminated controls and accents — backlit components must be inspected to ensure the accuracy and visual quality of icons, shapes, and text. These elements are difficult to inspect not only because of their variety but also because quality is determined by a combination of factors. Achieving accurate brightness, color, and uniformity of illuminated areas requires measurement of photometric properties. Inspecting for defects, size, shape, and position requires an understanding of specific dimensions. Photometric systems (colorimeters, photometers, and spectrometers) excel at light and color measurement. However, these systems have historically lacked machine vision registration functions that enable measurement and defect detection within uniquely shaped regions. For this reason, evaluating backlit components has required either multiple pieces of equipment or a complex, customized vision solution to ensure all inspection requirements are met. In this presentation, Radiant Vision Systems introduces the first automated visual inspection solution that combines photometric measurement with machine vision image analysis and registration. VIP™ (Vision Inspection Pack) Software provides complete backlit component inspection in a single vision system and offers advantages over current systems — for fast, hassle-free evaluation of components in R&D and during production.

The Vision Spectra Conference takes place online July 19-21 with free registration to all sessions.

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