Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Symposium & Expo

Burton Manor - Livonia, Michigan, U.S.A.
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Vehicle Displays and Interfaces 2021

The Society for Information Display hosts the 28th Annual Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Symposium and Expo this fall, bringing together manufacturers, suppliers, researchers, and thought leaders who are driving the market of vehicle display technology. Join the event to see presentations of the latest automotive cockpits, touchless controls, head-up displays, freeform optics, holography, smart surfaces, autonomous vehicle innovations, and more.

Radiant Vision Systems is a leading provider of scientific imaging and automated inspection solutions for automotive displays, lighting, and ADAS. Join us at Vehicle Displays as we showcase and discuss novel light and color measurement and visual inspection systems that ensure the quality of displays integrated into center stacks, across dashboards, in HUDs, in place of mirrors, on glass (windows and skylights), and elsewhere throughout the vehicle interior.

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