Fractional Pixel Method for Improved Pixel-Level Measurement and Correction (Demura) of High-Resolution Displays

White Paper

As display resolutions increase, imaging systems are challenged to continue to provide accurate pixel-level measurements while applying increasingly limited relative imaging resolution during single-image analysis (necessary for production efficiency). A fractional pixel registration and measurement method improves the accuracy of pixel-level values measured by standard-resolution systems, ensuring effective qualification and demura of high-resolution OLED, miniLED, and microLED displays.

In this White Paper you will learn about:

  • The importance of pixel-level measurement to evaluate and correct uniformity in emissive displays
  • Shortcomings of traditional measurement methods when applied for increasingly high-resolution displays
  • Improving measurement accuracy for single-image analysis (measuring all pixels in the display at once) to ensure production efficiency
  • The fractional pixel method: its approach and accuracy versus the traditional "whole" pixel methods
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