Quality-Driven: Automotive Display Testing

Displays have become a central feature of today's automobiles, with touchscreen-controlled infotainment and navigation systems, digital instrument clusters, and head-up displays now extending well beyond the luxury vehicle market.

Defect detection of in-vehicle displays presents a unique set of challenges. These displays will be viewed in widely varied lighting and must withstand harsh environmental conditions. Detection of subtle flaws that could worsen as a result of these circumstances is critical to ensuring a high quality display throughout the lifetime of the vehicle.

Daniel van Brecht, Distribution Account Manager for Radiant Vision Systems, has helped top global manufacturers implement display testing solutions to ensure a user experience that reflects the quality of their brand. In this 45-minute webinar, he presents:

  • Testing considerations for automotive displays
  • Mura detection
  • Testing to the black mura standard (as defined by the German Automotive OEM Work Group Displays)

Both automakers and suppliers to the industry will find this webinar informative.

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