Area Color Inspection System (ACIS™)

ACIS software interface
ACIS software interface

The Area Color Inspection System (ACIS™) is an integrated solution for efficient inspection of characters and color on surfaces such as metal or plastic. Users can quickly measure markings such as pattern, text, symbols, and color with precision at production speeds. A ProMetric® I-series Imaging Colorimeter and lens are mounted to an innovative LED-based dome illumination configuration within a metal assembly frame. The unit can be used in a lab or on a production line to capture high-resolution images of DUTs. Completing the solution is ACIS software, which combines high-resolution imaging colorimetry capabilities with sophisticated image analysis for precision quality and color measurement.

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For electronics products sold today, necessary markings such as symbols, text, and numbers are applied to components during the manufacturing and assembly process. Components can be made of metal, plastic, glass, ceramic or other materials and markings are applied using laser etching, printing, or similar methods. Product makers must ensure that any markings are free of defects, meet quality and brand standards, and comply with trade regulations. What manufacturers need is a fast, precise inspection solution to identify quality and color issues so they can be quickly addressed and corrected before products go to market. 

Plaque with CE mark


Typical machine-vision inspection systems can perform OCR and assess text completeness, but they cannot measure precise color or fine-grain detail. Spectrometers provide highly accurate color measurement, but only for one spot at a time and they cannot recognize or assess characters or symbols. These limitations mean manufacturers may have to use two or more different inspection systems, increasing cost and production time. 

With ACIS, users can now perform fast, automated measurement of text and symbol shape (inclusions and exclusions), dimensions, color, and contrast. ACIS helps manufacturers to ensure characters are legible and correctly formed, verify compliance with requirements for CE and other regulatory markings, ensure brand color and quality standards, and perform product text validation, while supporting part traceability (e.g., confirming serial numbers). Beyond quality control, the data ACIS captures as it detects small variations in markings can also be analyzed to identify trends and support process control.

The ACIS Solution For Text & Symbol Inspection

ACIS combines the capailities of machine vision (text inspection and area measurement) and spectrometers (precise color measurement) in a single tool. Leveraging the visual acuity and context of imaging colorimetry, ACIS provides an integrated solution that helps manufacturers improve quality while increasing efficiency. ACIS performs high-resolution quality inspection and measurement of text, symbols, and markings—simultaneously using a single camera image.

ACIS Solution Components

  • A ProMetric® I Imaging Colorimeter and lens
  • Innovative dome lighting configuration that ensures consistent illumination for precise measurement of a broad range of surface textures and finishes
  • Metal frame for easy set up and placement in the lab or on the production line
  • ACIS™ Software, which enables users to perform:
    • Auto detection of text on diffuse or specular surfaces 
    • User-defined dimensional sampling points
    • Integrated color calibrations with optional user-definable color calibration 
    • Optional output to image (.tiff and .png) and data (.csv) files

ACIS Key Capabilities

With ACIS, manufacturers can:

  • Measure multiple locations simultaneously across an area to inspect color consistency between points 
  • Inspect small elements thanks to high-resolution, high sensitivity measurement capabilities with resolution as small as 10 μm per pixel
  • Take precise chromaticity measurements (L*a*b*) of small areas that are difficult to measure with conventional systems


Small Surface Area Color Inspection

Colorimetric imaging provides precise color measurement of small areas or small parts prior to assembly. Manufacturers can determine if color specifications are met to comply with regulatory requirements and conform to brand standards. The ACIS solution measures chromaticity (e.g., L*a*b*) and contrast of areas too small or difficult to measure with conventional inspection systems.


Example of L*a*b* values reported in ACIS software for designated areas (regions of interest).

Verify Markings for Regulatory Compliance 

Electronics and other products must meet multiple standards in today’s complex global marketplace. Various markings are required to indicate compliance or provide crucial information to users. For example:

  • Many products sold in the European Union require a CE mark, indicating that they have been assessed and meet specific requirements for safety, health, and environmental protection
  • Any electrical or digital products sold in the Unites States with communication/transmission capabilities (such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) are required to display an FCC certification ID number
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directives are designed to ensure that any electrical and electronic equipment does not include specific materials that are deemed hazardous to human health or the environment
  • A variety of national and international standards require markings related to battery and power specifications and safety, such as those of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

Typically, these standards not only require specific markings to be displayed on products, but also that the markings remain for the lifetime of the product, meaning they cannot be easily removed or smudged, they are resistant to solvents, and similar criteria. This requirement leads many manufacturers to opt for permanent marking methods such as laser etching.

Parameter ACIS™: Area Color Inspection System
Field of View 75 mm x 50 mm
Color Space L*a*b*
Camera ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeter
Image Resolution As small as 10 μ per pixel
Chromaticity Repeatability Standard deviation of ΔE*ab within 0.041
Inter-instrument agreement ΔE*ab within 12
System Dimensions (W x H x D) 535 mm W x 740 mm H x 565 mm D
Weight 27 kg
Communication Interface Ethernet 100/1000, USB 2.0
Power 110-220 V AC, 10 AMP
Operating Temperature 0 - 30º C
Operating Humidity 20 - 70% non-condensing
Lighting White LED
Software Integrated ACIS software

1 For a 100 x 100 pixel area on a white calibration standard meaured 30 times at ~10 second intervals.

2 Measuring 5 Spectralon Color Calibration Standards when using color calibrations as recommended.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Inspect Text, Symbols, and Patterns for Quality

ACIS is an effective solution to inspect markings on metal, plastic, glass, ceramic or other surfaces, for example laser-etched markings on metal. The integrated ACIS solution can quickly assess multiple points and inspect characters and symbols.

Advantages of ACIS:

  • Precise color and contrast measurement
  • Fast, automated determination of text legibility, uniformity, shape integrity (inclusions and exclusions), dimensions, color, and contrast
  • Verifies compliance with specifications for CE and other regulatory markings
  • Supports product text validation and part traceability (e.g., confirming serial numbers)
  • Ensures adherence to brand color and quality standards
  • Dynamic registration ensures accurate inspection even if a DUT is out of alignment
ACIS measurement example

Small Area Color Measurement

The ACIS solution enables manufacturers to inspect an area on a part that is too small or difficult to measure with conventional inspection systems. For example, users can check the quality of a color finish on small components prior to assembly to determine if color specifications are met.

Advantages of ACIS:

  • Measure precise color/chromaticity (L*a*b*) with for a localized range of color
  • Measure multiple locations simultaneously across an area to inspect color consistency between points
  • Reduce cycle time for multi-area inspection, faster than methods that use spot measurement devices or human inspectors 

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